Portrait Victor


2000-2002 Diploma, Art Education, emphasis Drawing, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht.
1985-1988 Diploma, Academy of Arts. Painting-Drawing-Design. Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam
1982-1985 Academy of Arts. Painting-Drawing-Graphics - St.Joost Academie, Breda


2000-2000 English ABC Art lessons, International Daycare TASbv, Den Haag. for international children, age 6-12 years.
2001-2002 Art, Highschool, OSG. Nieuw Zuid Rotterdam. age group 12-17
2000 - Drawing & Presentation, Styling, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam. Department :Interior-Architecture, Grafik-Design, Animation, Audio –Visual. 1-2 nd year
2000 - Art, Montessori School Kralingen, age 3-8 years
2003 - 2008 Decor-design, Art, Styling, Theaterschool, Rotterdam, 1-3rd year students


2006–2009  Concept, art work, storyboard for the animation-project ‘Bait’
2007 Guerrila Store
A short presentation of paintings and cloth design, in cooperation with Marianne Kooimans.
2007 Weekly TV broadcasting  of the Dutch Animation serie Colin on VPRO Television
2004-2005 Colin. Animation-serie. Victor Elberse : storyboards, art-direction, backdrops, Snifterbar scenes. Writer Paul Groot and Director Peter Lindhout from Coconino Animation for VPRO -television.
Première at the Dutch National Film Festival Utrecht, October 1, 2005
2005 Two Plexiglass Sculptures. Commissions for the boats 'Prins Claus' en 'De Oranje' of Boskalis, in cooperation with Bastiaan Sonneveld.
2003 Ted & Ed. Character design for animation series, for VPRO television. Cooperated character design with Peter Lindhout.
2002 Colin. Short film-study and character development for concept of gay Guinea pig. Animation films 'Contactadvertentie' en 'Volleybal' in cooperation with Peter Lindhout and Paul Groot.
2001-2002 Colin. Monthly publication of the cartoon strip in monthly magazine Squeeze, in cooperation with writer Paul Groot.
2000 caV2. Environmental installation for the International Manifestation DEAF [Dutch Electronic Art Festival] for the organization V2 in the foyer of Theater Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam.
2000 Ballpoint-drawings. Group Exhibition MAMA at CBK Rotterdam.
2000 Computer-Furniture. Installation for the V2 Photograph Biennal 2000, Rotterdam.
1999 Furniture, Sculpture and Drawings Exhibition at 'het Plafond' , Rotterdam.
1999 Tanker. Ballpoint-drawing at Shop Prague, Rotterdam.
1999 Painting Exhibition at Design Shop Si Accomodi in Antwerp, Belgium.
1999 This City Never Sleeps, Exhibition Ballpoint-drawing, at Museum Van Nagsael, Rotterdam.
1999 Furniture Sculpture in Group Exhibition 'Geen Bloemen' ('No Flowers') at Galerie Mama, Rotterdam
1999 Painting Exhibition. Cafe Dudok, Rotterdam.
1998 'Interieur '98'. Installation of Prototypes between Art, Design and Architecture. International Design Biennial Kortrijk, Belgium.
1997 Installation and styling of 'Around the World' in Club Nighttown, Rotterdam.
1996 Refrigerator bar and Ballpoint drawing exhibition at Restaurant/Bar De BlauweVis, Rotterdam
1996 Wallpaper Ink drawings. Cafe Nickolson, Dordrecht.
1996 Painting exhibition, 'Art fair' galerie ECCE, Kunsthal, Rotterdam.
1996 Tankers . “Rotterdam on Line”. Drawing exhibition in cooperation with Bastiaan Sonneveld, galerie ECCE, Rotterdam.
1995 Celsius. Refrigerator doors –Installation in cellar, Rotterdam.
1995 Sexy Freeze. Pink Refrigerator cabinet presented at the Ero-live fair, Utrecht.
1995 Recycle-Bar. Installation in cooperation with Jop Horst. Landbouw Universiteit Wageningen (Household and product science at Agricultural University, Wageningen].
1995 Na Dato II. Architectural refrigerator door-installation in cooperation with Jop Horst and Sylvia B., Chapel installation at Het Wilde Weten (the wild knowledge), Rotterdam.
1994-1995 Wall-Decorations. Commissions in private homes in Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague.
1994 Painting Exhibition, Bebop-Design, Amsterdam.
1994 Painting Exhibition, Galerie Ecce, Rotterdam.
1994 Painting Exhibition, Erco Lighting, Naarden.
1994 Paintings & Objects Exhibition, Art galerie, Roosendaal.
1993 Painting Exhibition, Art of Living, Rotterdam.
1993 Computer project D.A.F. Virtual Architecture, in cooperation with Lou Heldens, Amsterdam.
1992 Painting Exhibition. Galerie Art Yard, Amsterdam.
1992 Presentation and research development for City-maps. Stichting Westers, Rotterdam.
1992 Na Dato. Architectural Installation. In cooperation with Jop Horst and Lou Heldens, Stichting A.I.R., Amsterdam.
1991 International group exhibition. Olympic Halls, Sokolniki Park, Moscow.
1990-1991 Set and costume design for theater productions 'Cosi Fan Tutte' and 'Geluk' by theater group Studio's Onafhankelijk Toneel (Independent Theater), Rotterdam.
1989-1990 Architectural research and presentation. for the architectural competitions, The New Acropolis Museum and the Pavilion for Finland for the World Expo in Seville, Spain. Study trip Athens. Architectural office Ger Bout.
1989 Painting Exhibition, Galerie Het Oude Station, Houten.
1987 Wall-Decoration. Kunststichting (Art Foundation) The Hague.
1987 Decoration harpsichord, Amsterdam.